Biodiversity Genomics Academia

Biodiversity Genomics Academia

Aug 7, 2023 | Events

What is BGA23?

Biodiversity Genomics Academy 2023 (BGA23) is a series of free, open to all, online-only, short, interactive sessions on how to use the bioinformatics tools and approaches that underpin the Earth Biogenome Project (EBP).

Registrations now open for 27 Sessions


BGA23 accompanies the Biodiversity Genomics conference. In previous years of the conference, a common question has been “How DO you do that?”. This year, we have asked bioinformatics researchers and teams to present workshops and demonstration sessions focussed on their software and methods.

BGA23 attendees will be able to discuss the installation and operation of bioinformatics toolkits in real time with the developers, take part in introductory exercises and masterclasses, and meet the other scientists who are also using the tools, building a global community of practice in biodiversity genomics.

Frequently Asked Questions

More information may be found on the following link.