Wild Genomes (Amphibians)

Wild Genomes (Amphibians)

Jun 27, 2022 | Calls

Revive & Restore and Morris Animal Foundation are pleased to partner on Wild Genomes – Amphibians: a new funding opportunity for conservationists interested in applying genetic insight to the protection and management of amphibian wildlife. 

Wild Genomes is designed to accelerate the genomic sequencing and biobanking of species with a clear conservation need. Potential projects will be evaluated according to timeliness and urgency (is the species at risk?), the ecological role of the targeted species (e.g., keystone species), the species’ potential role in providing ecosystem services, and the intended use of the data (how will the scientists apply the information to affect a positive conservation outcome?). Through this program, we aim to put the fundamental tools of genetic rescue into the hands of people who manage wildlife.

For more information, download the call at the following link.