First call for genome sequencing of eukaryotic species in Catalonia

First call for genome sequencing of eukaryotic species in Catalonia

Jun 15, 2020 | Calls


A global effort is needed to reverse or control the impact of human activity on the biosphere and maintain biodiversity. The goal of the Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) is to obtain the genome sequence of all the species (eukaryotes) that inhabit the Earth. This sequence forms the genetic basis of biodiversity. This project will also help to better understand biology, ecology and evolution and make possible advances in agriculture, medicine and life-based industries. EBP must necessarily have societies and people from all over, who have accumulated knowledge of their natural environment over generations. The SCB, the IEC and the ICHN want to contribute to this initiative by leading the genome sequencing project of the eukaryotic species that inhabit the Catalan Countries.

The SCB is opening this call for funding for genomic sequencing pilot projects under this project.

Each of the projects may receive funding of up to € 10,000, which may be used for fieldwork, cataloging, genomic sequencing, coupling and annotation. All eukaryotic species found in the Catalan territory are likely to be considered, but priority will be given to endemic or threatened species, or those of particular interest, either from a scientific point of view (taxonomic position) or application ( in agriculture or biotechnology, for example).

The result of the project must be the assembly of the genome, which must comply with the standards of the EBP or its affiliated projects, except for the genomes of unusual species.

How to participate in the call and submission deadline

You must send your application (length: 1 page; minimum font size: body 10), written in English, to before July 25, 2020, at 12 noon.

The format is free, but applications must be concise and structured in three parts:

  • Part 1. Description of the team and main contributions, including a maximum of three relevant publications.
  • Part 2. Justification of the species of interest.
  • Part 3. Description of genome assembly methodologies and plan, and funding requested. If the project will be co-financed with other sources, please specify the other sources and the amount of co-financing.